Jazz Band

The Wildcat Jazz Ensemble is one of several after-school, extra-curricular ensembles in which students at Blue Springs High School may become involved. Auditions for Wildcat Jazz are held at the end of the marching season with rehearsals beginning mid-to-late November. The group primarily rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school with occasional sectionals on Wednesdays.

The philosophy of Wildcat Jazz is centered around the ideals of group dynamics, equal importance of every person of the ensemble and the education of the essence and traditions of jazz. The performing focus of the band is audience centered, resulting in a variety of styles from traditional big band charts to recent popular music being represented in the folder. In accordance with the philosophy, the music is selected first and foremost to be educational for the students while being enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Annually, Wildcat Jazz accepts 20-25 performances locally and around the tri-state area of Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Of these performances, three or four may be competitive in nature.

The increasing interest in the music of jazz at Blue Springs High School over the past several years enabled the creation of the Jazz Lab Band in the spring of 2001. This jazz band rehearses on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. Jazz Lab involves 25-30 students and accompanies Wildcat Jazz to several festivals and other performance venues in the local Kansas City area. Wildcat Jazz was fortunate to represent the state of Missouri in January 2002 as the state's featured high school jazz band at the Missouri Music Educators Association Convention.


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